Sunday, 22 March 2009

Next Woodlands Creatures- 29/03/09 The Tuberians, Brother Louis, Yusuf Azak

Hello there- it gives me great pleasure to announce the line-up for next Sunday's bash at the Halt Bar. There will be-
they are an intergalactic underground accordion-led dance band who do this:

there will also be:
and they do stuff like this:

and also I'm excited about seeing YUSUF AZAK and you can find out more about him(including 2 Free EPs for download!) by heading to his myspace.
Here's picture of him:
and here's the cover of his EP.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Joe & Neil's seaside fun!

Noted "Creatures" Joe Kane and Neil Harris seem to be having fun together on a beautiful beach in Islay in this little video Gem.... cracking tune, too...

announcement-DEC Gaza Fundraiser- Mono 19th March

LINE-UP: Punch & The Apostles, Sparrow & The Workshop, John Langan Band, Mike & Solveig, Tom Snowball
ENTRY- £5 all proceeds to the DEC Gaza Appeal

It gives me great pleasure to unveil a stonking line-up for this gig. All proceeds will be given to the DEC Gaza Appeal. Basically we have 5 of the best up-and-coming local acts Glasgow can offer.

so, that unbelievably good line-up in full detail-

PUNCH & THE APOSTLES- a seven-headed Klezmer-Jazz-Prog-Punk horn-laden odyssey into the darkest recesses of the Caledonian mind... this will be one of their first Glasgow gigs since retreating to a humble cottage in darkest Ayrshire in order to compose an hour-long cinematic epic...

SPARROW & THE WORKSHOP- rocking americana-tinged folk songs meet crunching rhythm workouts, shrieking banshee vocals and layers of fuzz, a feisty female-led rock band for the future.

THE JOHN LANGAN BAND- whether it's stomping gipsy folk, all-night campfire reggae jams, tabletop accordion stomps, or being the most rocking busker in town, John Langan is the very definition of pure entertainment. He won the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections 2008, and with awesome fiddle and double bass accompanying his guitar-voice-stompbox combo tonight he is guaranteed to rock the house.

MIKE & SOLVEIG- Mike Hastings & Solvieg Askvik are a charming, intelligent and original guitar and fiddle duo playing highly original compositions in a off-beat folk style. Mike is one of the best fingerpicking folk guitarists currently to be seen in Glasgow, and his style is reminiscent of Bert Jansch or a young John Martyn, with the humour of The Incredible String Band and surreal spirit of Ivor Cutler thrown in for good measure.

TOM SNOWBALL lil' ol' me!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Welcome to Woodlands Creatures!

Well greetings to one and all! Welcome to the Woodlands Creatures Blog. Here shall be your one-stop-shop for all things wierd and musical and Woodlands Creatures-related.

If you aren't aware of us or what we do, let me explain a little. Since last year a strange bunch of musical folk have been gathering in the sweaty dark environs of The Halt Bar, on Glasgow's Woodlands Road. Adopting the name the Woodlands Creatures Collective, they have unleashed a succession of magical musical events on an unsuspecting public.
The last sunday of every month is Woodlands Creatures night. Since January 2008 the following artists have all performed- Mike Hastings & Solveig Askvik, Rags & Feathers, Ceylan Hay, The Kingdom Of Night, The Hidden Masters, Joe Kane, The Pendulums, Mister Mark Rafferty, Paul McDowell, Dave Dixon, Nic Denholm, Jim McAteer, Duncan Thomas, The Ostic Tentacles Of Babylon, The New Birdmen, My Old Blue Terraplane, Christine Bovill, Gareth Dickson, Jo Mango, The Tuberians, Ben TD, Blue Flint, John Langan, Punch & The Apostles, Ross Clark, Ken C, The Second Hand Marching Band, Tom Snowball, The Martial Arts, The Parrafins, Miaoux Mioaux, Lavinia Blackwall, Pishy Tissue......... and possibly one or two others who I have forgotten about....(sorry)

We also put together 8 full-length CD-R comps featuring some or all of the bands listed above. These were homemade with artwork by Solveig Askvik and runs of between 30 -50 ot however many we could be bothered to make. They are mostly out of print, but plans are afoot to restart the series, possibly making some of the previous CDs available for download... watch this space.

Back in September we did an event called "The Electric Harvest" in a barn in a farm down in Ayrshire... it was a lot of fun and we hope to do it again this year. Here's a wee piccy of the flyer (again drawn by the wonderful Solveig Askvik)-

And every Friday we do a radio show on click the links on the right to listen to the latest show. To subscribe via RSS, click here.

This show incorporates the legendary Prog Corner- go to the embedded player at the right of your screen to get the latest episode!

So, then-what's this blog all about? Well I suppose it'll be a space to put up all relevant information regarding Woodlands Creatures stuff online so there's no need for these sort of lengthy retrospective posts.... expect banter, occasional reviews, general observations on the Glasgow Scene and anything else that you need to know about, basically....x